Using blockchain technology to give people control over their data.

Access and share your personal and confidential information on your terms. From health to wealth - Who controls your data? It should be you.

Your data. Your business.

Sharing your data your way

A million applications. One simple concept. Your data is yours. Many times all that is needed is a yes/no, authorized/unauthorized, verified/unverified status - not the detail behind it.

All that "other" data is yours and we give you the tools to keep it that way.

Benefits of GetChkd
& Blockchain Technology

Data shared across networks, across devices, across platforms and peer to peer. Super secure, super accurate. Authenticated at the source and shared how you want.

Who controls your data? It should be you. Your data. Your business.


Your personal and confidential data are kept that way.


Access your data from any third party that allows API access.


Share your data your way across platform or peer to peer.

Endless possibilities

You might be an individual with an idea, a creator, a developer, the CEO of a startup, or a large corporation looking for ways to share authenticated, accurate data in a secure and friendly way that respects privacy. Talk to us and we’ll figure out where we could go together!

In control of your data

Why fill out forms, when all that is really needed is a yes or no? Personal and confidential information can be verified and authenticated without sharing it. Get accepted for a mortgage without having to tell anyone your salary or bank balance, have your COVID test status show up on your travel app, concert ticket, or connected to your access card or government issued ID… the possibilities really are endless.

You aren’t limited to a specific app or eco-system. Your profile goes with you.

We've developed two applications for our worldbeating technology to demonstrate how GetChkd can improve lives and help businesses to leave their customers' data where it belongs; securely with them. Take a look at our Health Passport.

A blockchain-based health passport that ties together hardware and software and keeps all users’ personal and confidential information private - never touching unwanted parties’ servers.

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